3 Insane Ways To Do The Power Jump

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Thought that our Power Jump was scary? You haven’t seen anything yet! These 3 ways to do the power jump will guarantee to make it 100% more terrifying. Are these people ♫ insane in the membrane ♫ , or are they just ♫ doing it for a thrill? Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

Note: Enjoy the power jump by simply stepping off the first time, then try one of these crazy ways on your second turn.

1.The Superman

Like a superhero jumping off a building, the Superman is all about strength, power and confidence. The head first jump makes it as head-rushingly awesome as a bungee jump, without the fear of accidentally bashing your head.

How to perform the superman:

1- Leap with great strength off the power jump head first.

2- Keep straight and strong and descend with one arm up.

2. The Back Flip

Add some acrobatics into the Power Jump and you’re pretty much an honorary Olympian! Our Zoom guide above performs an impressive back flip from a height of 13 metres. Our score? Perfect ten.

How to succeed the back flip:

1- Jump off backwards

2- Lean towards your back until you are head first


3. The Hold On For Dear Life

Ok… so we lied, this one isn’t exactly crazy! Fondly known as “the vanilla” and “the don’t make me do it”, this method includes holding the rope until you get blisters, descending with your heart dropping into your stomach and screaming.

How to succeed in the “hold on for dear life”

1- Dodge jumping off for a minimum of two minutes

2- Hold on to the rope for dear life

3- Closing eyes optional

4- Drag your shaking legs away from the edge of the platform

5- Scream like a marmot

About The Power Jump

The power jump is an incredible free fall jump from a 13 metre high tower. Before you freak out, it’s completely safe! You are attached to a rope with a fan device which ensures a smooth landing on a trampoline.

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