Cairns West Bhutanese Refugee Excursion

Bhutanese Refugee

A special day at the Cairns Zoom and Wildlife Dome

Cairns Zoom and Wildlife Dome had some very special visitors yesterday morning! Twelve newly arrived Bhutanese refugee students from Cairns West State School came in to meet the animals as part of a school excursion.

The aim of the visit was for the students to become more familiar with their new natural environment and the local wildlife. The students aged between 8 and 12 years old and have only recently arrived to Australia.

Animal Encounters!

This was the first time these kids had ever experienced these type of animals, but they were not scared. The kids were so excited to touch and learn more about the crocodiles and snakes.

With many native animals in the park, there was no doubt that Jo-Jo the sulphur crested cockatoo stole the show with his dance moves, the kids loved joining in.

Next they came face to face with Goliath the 4.2 Metre Saltwater Crocodile, they had lots of questions for our wildlife keeper including whether or not he can get through the fence. Luckily for them they were safe on the other side!

Koala Cuddles.

Next, the group were lucky enough to give Nellie, one of the resident koalas a cuddle. This was a highlight for the crew watching each face light up as they got closer to her. Cairns Zoom gave each of the children a print of their photo so they can remember their special day forever!