Climb, Jump, and Glide for Guaranteed Smiles! 

cairns wildlife

Have you ever felt like you wanted to climb up on all those amazing structures in the primate exhibit at zoos? We may be human, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get as much joy and excitement out of swinging through the trees as animals do!

Imagine you’re Tarzan or Jane as you swing along the Mid-ZOOM or Hi-ZOOM courses, including a zipline over Goliath, our 4 metre saltwater crocodile! We’re proud to be the world’s first Challenge Ropes Course in a wildlife exhibit.

Interacting with Nature

We love to see our guests interacting with our wildlife. There’s always happiness and excitement when a bird flies overhead, or when one of our red-legged pademelons comes up to get a scratch. 

Getting a koala photo is always a favourite too! If our guests haven’t held a koala before, it’s a magical experience for them. They are always surprised at how soft and cuddly our koalas are, and you can see it on their faces – their happy grins are enormous. It’s no surprise then that we were featured in the Bupa Dental Insurance article, ‘Put a Smile on your Dial: Fun Places to Go!‘.

Challenge Yourself

Want to know what it’s like to soar through the trees? Our ropes challenge course also helps to bring a smile and laugh to our guests’ faces. Sometimes our guests are wanting to challenge themselves, and push past their limits, especially if they’re a bit nervous or scared of heights. 

For an unforgettable thrill, you can also experience your own authentic free-fall adventure. Jump off a 13-metre tall tower attached to a rope in our PowerJump attraction. Don’t worry, you’ll float gently to the ground after your rapid descent, just in time to flash that bright smile for the camera.

One of our favourite stories to date involved a guest who was a little bit scared of the PowerJump. They stood at the top with one of our ZOOM guides for quite a while, trying to get the courage to step off the edge. Finally, our ZOOM guide suggested they do a ‘practice run’ – stepping off just to see what it was like, before doing the real thing. 

Our guest was obviously so focused on being scared that they didn’t realise a practice would result in the same thing, so they stepped off to ‘practice’ and ended up doing the PowerJump for real! The scream of delight on the way down, and the grin on their face at the bottom, said it all. 

Why not experience the thrills for yourself? We look forward to making you smile at Cairns ZOOM and Wildlife Dome.