Commando Rope Climb

rope climb

Fancied yourself a job in the Army? Reckon you’ve got the upper body strength to rival an SAS Commando? Well …

The Commando Rope Climb is a 13m rope suspended from the Power Jump platform. If you fancy yourself a bit of a fitness freak, then this is the challenge for you!

The objective of this activity is to climb the rope to the top, as fast as you can! But don’t worry, we’ve been kind enough to put knots in it along the way for rest points, and to give you a bit of traction.

But what happens if you fall? Don’t worry! You’ll be harnessed into our Power Jump fan, so if you don’t make it all the way to the top, you can safely jump back down to the trampoline. Of course, the higher you climb, the more of a jump down!

Just like the Pirate Climb, there’s a Hall of Fame where you can record your best times – and try to beat them next time!

ZOOM Guide Tip:

For an extra challenge, try:

  • Beating the times posted in the Hall of Fame
  • Skipping every second or third knot