How long should I spend at Cairns ZOOM?

How long should I spend at Cairns ZOOM

One of the questions we get asked the most often is “how long should I spend at Cairns ZOOM?”

Good question! It’s a little bit like “how long is a piece of string?” but we’ll do our best to answer.

Basically, it depends on what you want to do during your visit.

If you only want to visit the wildlife, then we’d suggest at least 2-3 hours. That gives you plenty of time to wander around, check out all of the activities, cuddle the pademelons in Wallaby Walk, and even catch some wildlife shows.

But where’s the fun in wandering around a wildlife park, under a ropes course, without trying some of the activities?!

Mid-ZOOM can take anywhere from 15-30 minutes, depending on how fast you move through it. Hi-ZOOM takes a bit longer, so we’d suggest allowing an hour for both activities – that gives you a chance to rest in between the activities as well.

Dome Climb and Power Jump is usually about 30 minutes all up, depending on how many photos you’d like to take of the view over Cairns. We can’t blame you if you want to take hundreds!

As for the other activities …. well! We’d suggest 15-20 minutes per activity as well.

So what does that mean? You can spend anywhere from half a day, to a FULL day with us here at Cairns ZOOM! However long you have, we can find activities and adventure to suit you.

This means you can stop by before a flight, or while you wait for your hotel room to become available, or before lunch, or … whenever you like!