New ZOOM Activities

rope climb

The Cairns ZOOM & Wildlife Dome have introduced two new exciting activities.

Commando Rope Climb

This new attraction is a long thick climbing rope which is hung from the underside of the PowerJump platform (13 metres above the ground) and hangs down to the trampoline (pictured). Knots are tied along the rope with larger knots placed intermittently for rest points. Participants are harnessed into a belay system that is connected to the Power Fan above. Participants start climbing the rope from the floor of the trampoline with the aim of making it to the top of the PowerJump. If participants should fall, the belay system catches them and they gently descend as if they are doing the PowerJump.

Pirate Climb

A large cargo net is attached to the base of the PowerJump and falls to the trampoline below. Participants are harnessed into a belay system and the aim of this activity is to climb the net from the trampoline up to the PowerJump.

The cost to participate in each of these new and exciting activities is only an additional $10 per activity, however you can only participate once you’ve done all 4 of the standard ZOOM activities.

Remember, these activities are not for the faint hearted, they are definitely for those looking for the extra challenge and adrenaline rush but they are loads of fun!