Pirate Climb

pirate climb

If you thought the cargo net on the Mid-ZOOM course wasn’t enough, then the Pirate Climb is the perfect challenge for you!

Stretching from the base of the Dome all the way up to the top of the Power Jump platform. Needless to say, the 13m high cargo net is a great way to challenge yourself!

The aim of the activity is to make your way up the net as fast as you can before ringing the ship’s bell at the top to signal your success.

It sounds easy but it can be quite challenging, especially as you get closer to the top and the net comes out further from the tower.

Record your time in the Hall of Fame, and then try to beat it – we have lots of regulars who come back repeatedly to better themselves and try to get the record for the quickest time up the net. Will you be our next Pirate Climb Champion?

ZOOM Guide Tip:

For an extra challenge, try:

  • Climbing the net using only your hands
  • Beating the times posted on the Hall of Fame