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Eclectus Parrot | Meet Petrie!

Cairns ZOOM is home to many feathery friends and the youngest (and one of the nosiest) of all is Petrie the Eclectus Parrot! This adorable little guy has oodles of personality and loves cuddles and pats from our wildlife keeper. Oddly enough, this adorable Eclectus Parrot likes being groomed with a clean mascara wand! This […]

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Rufous Bettong – not a rat!

The Rufous Bettong is a very cute little creature, unfortunately mistaken for a rat quite often! We love our bettong, Timone, here at Cairns ZOOM. He’s a very friendly little guy, although you might not spot him when you visit us. Did you know that bettongs are nocturnal? They spend their days asleep, so they […]