ZOOM Wildlife Keepers – A day in the life

wildlife keepers

We are certain that our Cairns ZOOM Wildlife Keepers have one of the best jobs you have. I was lucky enough to speak with Phil, one of our keepers just before the croc feeding show, and he explained how much he loved his job. Although it may look like our wildlife keepers get to play with animals all day, there is actually a lot more that happens behind the scenes! One thing he did mention, is that each day is very different from the next at the Cairns ZOOM!

In the morning just before we open, our wildlife keepers are busy making sure the entire place looks good! This unfortunately involves them cleaning up some not so nice messes that animals may leave during the night. Once everything is clean it’s time that the animals get their breakfast! All of our animals know what time breakfast is and are always at the gates waiting patiently. The most entertaining feeding is definitely watching our huge salt water crocodile jump out of the water at its food! At certain points throughout the day our keepers put on presentations of various animals for our guests. These presentations are an educational but entertaining way to get to know our wildlife. Some of our animals are passed around throughout these presentations so you get the chance to interact with them. On average each of our keepers will do 2-4 presentations each day, so you could imagine how well they know each of our animals.
Every now and then we will get a group of people come in, sometimes from different countries. When this happens our keepers get to spend the whole day with the groups and showing them around the park. Although there is a lot of good times, our keepers sometimes have to assist with injured or sick animals. Our wildlife keepers maintain regular health check-ups for each of our animals and give them medication if needed. This also involves sometimes taking the animals to the vet.
As mentioned before, each day is different to the next. However one thing that doesn’t change is the fun and cuddles our keepers have with the animals. Obviously there are some animals we can’t cuddle, like our crocodile, but we make up for that with our snakes and birds! If you would like the chance to hold some of our animals, give us a call and let us organise your day for you!

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As you can tell from reading this, our wildlife keepers have one of the best jobs you could have. Our friendly wildlife keepers are always up for a chat and can answer any questions you may have about the ZOOM or our wildlife. So why not pop in and see all of this for yourself? Book online now!