The Cairns ZOOM & Wildlife Dome is committed to providing a quality tourism experience and product which has minimal impact on the natural environment. The attraction is a spectacular all-weather wildlife immersion exhibit that provides an interactive environment of humans and animals to mingle in a spacious natural setting. Guests can immerse themselves in a rainforest environment whilst parrots, cockatoos and other birds native to the Wet Tropics region fly freely around. Guests can also learn about Australian wildlife through our informative wildlife talks and show presentations.

Forming part of its business activities, the Cairns ZOOM & Wildlife Dome will:

  • Contribute to conservation of biodiversity;
  • Sustain the wellbeing of local people;
  • Include in its product an interpretation and educational experience;
  • Involve responsible action on the part of tourists and the tourism industry;
  • Encourage local participation.

Environmental commitments in practice include:

  • Buying locally wherever possible to reduce the amount of C02 released into the air.
  • Purchasing biodegradable cleaning products.
  • Purchasing products in bulk amounts to reduce packaging.
  • Where possible, purchasing from firms operating under an environmental policy.
  • Purchasing environmentally friendly products and services.
  • Converting most lights to energy savvy LED globes.
  • Recycling chemical containers in-line with Dangerous Goods regulations.
  • Compost and mulch are used in place of fertilisers.
  • Designing of enclosures and boardwalks to reduce water usage.
  • Unsalable fruit from local supermarkets is collected weekly and provides food for the birdlife.

Click here to view the CaPTA Group and Cairns ZOOM & Wildlife Dome Environmental Policy Statement

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