The Hi-ZOOM provides a greater level of difficulty for our more adventurous visitors! It consists of more complex crossings and ziplines, including 3 ziplines – one of which takes you directly over Goliath the crocodile!

The course winds its way up through the Dome, with some elements almost 12m above ground level. You’ll meet lots of our birds as you make your way through the course – it’s a fantastic way to get up close with our parrots and other species.

Oh, and don’t forget to smile as you zipline over Goliath! You’ll be able to purchase your photo at the end if you like – the perfect souvenir to take home!

*All participants must complete the Mid ZOOM activity prior to the commencing the High ZOOM activity. both activities must be completed on the same day. Participants must be 140cm or taller, or accompanied by someone taller than 140cm.

Please note: Completion of the Mid-ZOOM is required to take part in the Hi-ZOOM. Height and age restrictions apply. Please see full terms and conditions.