School Programs and Educational Groups

School Programs and Educational Group

Cairns ZOOM and Wildlife Dome offers local Cairns school programs that are perfect for educational excursions.

No matter what age your class is, we can customise a specific school program to suit your needs.

All of our Cairns school programs are linked to Australian Curriculum Achievement Standards and can cover a range of topics. Cover elements of science with our High ZOOM Course, Mid ZOOM Course and Power Jump,

Children can build on their biology skills by getting up close and personal with our range of animals.

Our Wildlife Up Close package includes park admission and 40 minute private wildlife presentation. Children can meet a range of Australian animals including koalas, snakes, crocodiles and birds.

The Wildlife Up Close: Environmental Adaptations program focuses on learning about environmental adaptations and covers information such as an animals appearance, diet and how they have evolved to live in a specific ecosystem.

The Wildlife Up Close: Lifecycles program is all about lifecycles, breeding and development.

The Wildlife Up Close: Where Do They Live program concentrates on the habitats of our animals, including snakes, lizards, frogmouths and koalas.

The ZOOM Starter Pack allows students to experience our thrilling Mid-ZOOM and Hi-ZOOM courses. Alongside this, students can enjoy spectacular views over the city and the coral sea on the Dome Climb or brave the 13m Power Jump.

Please note: the rates apply to local Cairns, Port Douglas and Atherton Tablelands region schools only. For schools in other regions, please contact us for rates.

All of our Cairns school programs can be customised to suit a specific groups needs or ages!

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Cairns Vacation Care Programs

Fancy ziplining over a crocodile? (100% safe) How about seeing the best views in Cairns on our Dome Climb, or meeting cuddly koalas? We offer a range of Cairns vacation care programs that are perfect for the school holidays and weekends alike!

Like our school programs, our Vacation Care programs can be customised to suit a specific groups needs or ages.

Risk Assessment Forms

To make your excursion booking process as seamless as possible, we have included our risk assessment forms for you to download.

ZOOM Risk Statement Behind The Scenes Wildlife Experience Risk Assessment ZOOM Activities Risk Assessment Habitat Captive Management Policy