Meet the Cairns ZOOM team!

cairns zoom

We thought we’d take a moment to introduce you to our ZOOM Guides here at Cairns ZOOM & Wildlife Dome.

They’re the guys that will get you harnessed up and ready to tackle our activities, and also the ones who will encourage you and help you if you need them! An all around good bunch of people, really – make sure you say hello next time you come to visit us!

Left to right in the photo, we have Ash, Mick, Sam, Chloe, Rachel, Raizo, Michelle, Lydia, Mitch … and Steve, letting everyone else do the work!

Ash is a ZOOM guide who also helps out our local Sales team, hitting the road to spread the good word.

Mick is the General Manager of Cairns ZOOM, so you’ll often see him around the Dome – near the ZOOM Desk, in Wildlife, down in Reception/Gift Shop … everywhere!

Sam is the ZOOM Team Leader and is a pro at ZOOMball – with a 100% success rate, he might be the next Cairns Taipans recruit!

Chloe is part-ZOOM guide, part-wildlife keeper. She splits her days between the two areas

Rachel has been with us for an incredibly long time as a ZOOM guide, wildlife keeper and receptionist.

Raizo guest-starred in our very own production of Mission Impossible. He’s also a big fan of the early 6am starts, watching our birds and wildlife wake up.

Michelle is often referred to as ‘Mum’. She keeps the ZOOM crew well-fed, in-line and on their best behaviour.

Lydia is one of our more recent recruits. She has been a volunteer with the SES for some time, so she’s very handy when it comes to helping our guests on the ZOOM courses!

Mitch is our resident cricket professional – the reserve grade start everybody picks. Step aside Warnie!

Steve is an all-round great bloke. When he’s not ZOOM-ing around with us, he’s zooming around on his bicycle!