What does a ZOOM Guide do?

cairns zoom

Aside from wear brightly coloured shirts and cool harnesses, you might be wondering “What does a ZOOM Guide do?”

More than just a mere mortal, our special guides have some very important jobs to do when they walk through the doors of the wildlife dome! They’re pretty much our own superheroes!

Firstly, they’re in charge of making sure our visitors are correctly harnessed up – everything tight and secure, so you’re safe in your harness!

Then, they’re in charge of giving the safety briefing – telling our guests what they can and can’t do on the course, to make sure everyone is safe and has fun!

Once everyone is harnessed up and briefed, it’s the job of the ZOOM Guide to get them onto the course – clipping them in safely and securely, and making sure they get onto the course okay.

The job doesn’t just end there!

Our guides will keep an eye on everyone on the courses, to make sure they’re completing the elements properly and to make sure they’re having fun!

They also help anyone who is a bit nervous or scared – sometimes you might see our guides up on the course, helping visitors conquer their fears and encouraging them through each of the elements.

At the end, they unclip ZOOMers and either help them onto the next activity, or pack away their harness.

For some of the ZOOM activities, our ZOOM guides have to stay with our guests – for example, the Dome Climb, Power Jump, Pirate Climb, Commando Rope Climb, and Slack Line!

For the Dome Climb, our guides take our visitors around the outside of the Dome, giving some information about the city below and helping everyone lean backwards to make the most of the thrill!

For the Power Jump, Pirate Climb and Commando Rope Climb, our guides help you clip in at the top to the Power Fan, and then encourage you to jump! We’ll always have a guide at the bottom to unclip you as well.

It’s a very important job, being a ZOOM Guide, but very fun! We are lucky to have some wonderful guides working for us, so make sure you say hello next time you visit!