5 Cairns Adrenaline Adventures MADE For Adrenaline Junkies

power jump

Live for the thrill? These Cairns adrenaline adventures are sure to get your heart pumping and your breath racing!

Get ready to get wet, get high and get fast! From hanging over man eating crocodiles, to braving the rapids of Cairns’ mightiest river, here are the Cairns adrenaline adventures that are sure to have you screaming…

1. Cairns Zoom & Wildlife Dome

cairns zoom zipline over crocodile

Adrenaline adventures don’t get more action-packed than Cairns Zoom & Wildlife Dome. Hang off the edge of one of Cairns’ tallest buildings, jump off a 13 metre platform or zipline over a 4.5 metre crocodile. **Grimaces ** Nope, this is not some sort of sick joke. As a matter of fact, it gets a whole lot more nail-bitingly awesome.

Start off your time at Cairns Zoom & Wildlife Dome by warming up with the relatively tame Mid-Zoom. With climbing, walls tunnels and ziplines 3 metres off the ground, it’s the perfect stepping stone for the more challenging Hi-Zoom course.

The Hi-Zoom is an enthralling adventure that will see you suspended on various obstacles at a towering 12m off ground level. Brave an array of action-packed obstacles such as cargo nets, steps and ziplines. The grand finale of this Cairns adrenaline adventure is a zipline directly over a giant man eater; Goliath the estaurine crocodile!

After you’ve pretty much dangled yourself over a dinosaur, hang off the edge of one of Cairns’ highest buildings on the Dome Climb. Walk around the top off the Cairns Casino on an external  60cm platform and see the beauty of our tropical city from all angles.

Once you’ve got lost in the airy heights on the Dome Climb, be brought back to earth with a scream on the Power Jump. This free fall jump means stepping off a 13 metre high tower to a rapid descent. You can even do it backwards. If you dare.

Read more about Cairns Zoom here.

2. Bad Fishy Jet Boating

bad fishy jet boating cairns adrenaline activities

Once upon a time Nemo was never found, he made a turn to the dark side and now spends his days making tourists scream and woop with a sinister grin on his face. This is Bad Fishy.

Enjoy this thrilling jet boat ride with plenty of speeds, spins and slides to keep you, quite literally, on the edge of your seat.

Read more about Bad Fishy here. 

3. Go Jungle Surfing Day Tour

jungle surfing cape tribulation jungle tours

The Daintree Rainforest is the oldest Rainforest in the entire world. If you’ve ever aimed of stepping into a Jurassic Park set, this place is for you! Go Jungle Surfing Day Tour offers the best of the Daintree and Cape Tribulation and even includes the chance to spot crocodiles in the wild!

However it is the tours awesome adrenaline addition that truly makes it stand out: Jungle surfing! Soar above the Daintree rainforest on seven flying fox ziplines with incredible views over the rainforest canopy and out to the Great Barrier Reef.

Book the Go Jungle Surfing Day Tour here

4. Cairns Skydiving

Nothing gets your heart racing like casually jumping out of a plane! Cairns Sky Diving combines knuckle-biting heights with glorious views of the Great Barrier Reef. Push yourself to jump from a staggering 15,000ft height in the middle of the air. Get the adrenaline pumping as you start to free-fall, then revel in the beauty of Tropical North Queensland once the parachute ejects.

Read more about Cairns Sky Diving here

5. White Water Rafting

barron river white water rafting raging thunder

Fancy a battle with the elements? Brave one of Cairns’ largest rivers on a white water rafting adventure. With epic grade 2-3 rapids to enjoy, plunge through rapids, surf the currents and enjoy an adrenaline-pumping finale as you go over the huge drop at Rooster Tail. See more about Barron River Rafting here.

Ready to experience a smorgasbord of Cairns adrenaline adventures? Book Cairns Zoom today!