Bella the Pademelon Joey update

pademelon joey

It’s time for an update on Bella our pademelon joey!

She is now 5.5 months old and growing quickly every day.

What is Bella eating?

She is starting to wean onto solids, and has taken a liking to corn and almonds. However, she will still prefer the taste of mum’s milk for a few more months yet.

How big will Bella get?

She will grow to the same size as her mum, Sayfia. Generally female pademelons get to around 3.5-4.5kg but when caring for a joey, they may weigh up to 5kg!

Where are pademelons naturally found?

Pademelons prefer to inhabit the edges of rainforests, wet schlerophyll forest and thick vine thickets along the northeastern coast of Australia. In Tropical North Queensland, they are found inhabiting areas such as the Atherton Tablelands, outer parts of the Cairns basin and throughout the forests/grassland environments from Cape York to Tamworth.