10 Images That Will Make You Want To Have Koala Photo Of Your Own

girl holding koala cairns zoom wildlife dome

10 Images That Will Make You Want A Koala Photo Of Your Own

What’s cute, fluffy and often mistaken to be a sibling of Winnie, Yogi or Paddington? Hint: it’s not actually a bear! We are talking about the iconic koala, of course… aka the most cuddly-looking animal ever.

Whether you are visiting Australia or a local, these ten shots will have you craving a koala photo ASAP.

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1.Who Can Deny This Face?

Those huge eyes are just staring into our animal loving souls. That sweet little smile and huge nose coming towards the camera are enough to make even the most masculine muscle man let out a squeal of aww.

2. …And These Fluffy Ears

koala with fluffy ears at cairns zoom

It’s so fluffy I could die.

Anyone who loses their marbles over fluffy alpacas or poofy poodles has obviously never seen this cuties ears.

3. Does This Koala-fy For The World’s Cutest Selfie?

koala taking a selfie at cairns zoom

If you answer “no”, do you even have a heart? We think that those Instagram models better watch out!!

4. When The Koala Is Almost As Big As You

boy holding koala at cairns zoom

This little boy is holding a huge koala that is almost as big as him! Double the cuteness!

5. This Video Of A Koala Loving Tummy Tickles

Cairns ZOOM and Wildlife Dome‘s Nellie absolutely adores having her tummy tickled! We know, our keepers just have the worlds best job…

6. This girl holding a koala

girl holding koala cairns zoom wildlife dome

We want to be her, right now.

7. This nose that you want to boop

koala up close cairns zoom wildlife dome
It’s like a little leathery nugget of adorable goodness. **BOOP**

8. These Kissing Koalas

kissing koalas rainforestation nature park

We love koalas so much, but it seems that they adore each other too! This photo of these two cuties smooching at Rainforestation Nature Park Kuranda is like a happy ray of sunshine beaming from our screen!

9. This Cheeky Little Lady

koala sticking out tongue at cairns zoom wildlife dome

Maybe its the fresh gum leaves? Maybe we did something that amused her? Either way, it’s so so cute!

10. This Couple Photo

couple cuddle a koala cairns zoom and wildlife dome

Forget posing with a baby, we are all about that perfect “family” shot with Australia’s favourite fur baby; the koala!

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