New Crocodile Enclosure!

new crocodile enclosure

We’re pretty excited to announce our new crocodile enclosure … but we’re even more excited to tell you where it’s located!

Traditionally, Hi-ZOOM has always been the adrenaline rush – ziplining over Goliath, our 4.1m estuarine crocodile. But not everyone can do Hi-ZOOM, so we thought we’d make Mid-ZOOM a bit more thrilling too!

Our new freshwater crocodile enclosure is located underneath the Mid-ZOOM course! That’s right – when you travel the Mid-ZOOM course, you’ll be walking directly over crocodiles!

We have moved several of our freshies into the new enclosure, and they love it!

The enclosure has several glassed walls, so even if you’re on the ground, you’ll get a great view into the area to watch our crocs. You can also view them from above on the boardwalk!