Baby Red Legged Pademelon at Cairns ZOOM!

baby red legged pademelon

We are proud to welcome our baby Red Legged Pademelon!

Born to Sofia, our little joey has started spending more and more time out of the pouch. She has grown more fur since the last photo we shared, so she is looking very cute.

Pademelons are one of the smallest in the wallaby family, so a pademelon joey is absolutely tiny! You’d be forgiven for mistaking it for a stuffed animal.

Some interesting breeding & reproduction facts about the Red-Legged Pademelon:

  • Pademelons have a gestation period of 28-30 days
  • The oestrous cycle is 29-32 days 
  • Mating occurs 2-12 hours after the birth of the young
  • The sex of pouch-young is distinguished at 3 to 4 weeks
  • Teat detachment occurs at 13-18 weeks
  • Ears become erect at 15-18 weeks
  • Eyes open at 16-18 weeks
  • Hair becomes visible at 19-21 weeks
  • Young venture out of pouch 22-26 weeks
  • Young leave the pouch at 26-28 weeks
  • Young are weaned approximately 66 days after leaving the pouch
  • Females become sexually mature at about 48 weeks
  • Males become sexually mature at about 66 weeks

We’d love to see your photos if you are lucky enough to see our joey when you visit us!