Cairns Adventures – Hi-ZOOM Course

Our Hi-ZOOM course is one of the best Cairns adventures, and is suitable for those looking for a bit of a challenge – at any age!

Hi-ZOOM can be attempted once you’ve completed the Mid-ZOOM course.

The course itself works its way upwards through the Dome, and comprises a range of elements including:

  • Balance Beams
  • Swinging Tyres
  • Balancing Wires
  • 3 x ziplines (including one over Goliath the 4.1m estuarine crocodile!)

Most of the elements are not fixed, so you’ll find yourself requiring a bit more balance than normal as you make your way across them.

At all times, you’ll be connected to our SafeRoller belay system, which ensures your safety and keeps your hands free to help you across the elements.

Our Hi-ZOOM course is not necessarily more difficult than the Mid-ZOOM course, although it does contain a different group of elements.

The major difference between the two courses is the height – Mid-ZOOM stays at 3m off the ground, whereas Hi-ZOOM winds its way up the height of the Dome, and then back down again.

The Hi-ZOOM course is definitely a great way to get the adrenaline pumping … especially when you look down over Goliath before launching into your zipline!

The course is a lot of fun for all ages – whether you’re looking for Cairns adventures for you and your family, or for a unique date with that special someone, you’ll love what our Hi-ZOOM course has to offer.

ZOOM Guide Tip:

For an extra challenge, try:

  • Lunging across the Balance Beams
  • Balancing Wires without using your hands
  • Holding out your hands when completing the ziplines

Oh, and don’t forget to smile and pose when you zipline across Goliath for your photo! You can purchase your photo afterwards at the ZOOM Desk, or at Reception.