Cairns Activities – Dome-Climb

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Looking for the best view over Cairns city, surrounding suburbs and Trinity Inlet? The Dome-Climb is the perfect place for it, and is one of the best Cairns activities!

You will make your way to the top of the Dome via an internal staircase, and then step out onto the 60cm wide external platform. You’ll be harnessed to our SafeRoller belay system the entire time, ensuring your safety and allowing you to walk hands-free around the external platform.

As you walk around the outside of the Dome, you’ll have plenty opportunities to take photos and to simply enjoy the incredible view. Look east over the Coral Sea, or west over the mountain range surrounding Cairns. It’s also a fantastic place for people-watching on the street below!

You’ll notice signs every few metres around the Dome. These signs show photos of how Cairns used to be, looking out from that particular spot on the Dome. It’s a fascinating insight into Cairns’ history and how it became the city it is today. Did you know Cairns used to have sea baths right on the water front?

Once you make your way around the outside, you’ll come back inside for a birds’-eye view of the interior of the Dome.

The Dome-Climb is particularly special on a Saturday night, when you can join us for a Sunset or Twilight climb. Watch the sun set over the mountains, as the businesses of Cairns turn on their lights ready for the evening ahead.

For the more adventurous, you can Power Jump your way to the bottom, or make your way back down the staircase for your next adventure!

Either way, the Dome-Climb, regarded as one of the best Cairns activities, is an unforgettable experience and one not to be missed when you visit us at Cairns ZOOM & Wildlife Dome.

ZOOM Guide Tip:

For an extra adventure, try;

  • Leaning out backwards from the Dome – your guide can show you how to do this safely