Our Favourite Visitor Photos!

Goliath - Kate

We love it when our visitors share their photos with us – often, they snap some really special moments, ones that we might not have seen ourselves!

We thought we’d share some of our favourites with you know – perhaps it might give you some inspiration for your next visit to us?

Kate – @adventuremumma

Kate and her family are regular visits to Cairns ZOOM and they always have a blast! Her kids are full of energy and take on the ZOOM activities with no fear, while Kate captures some brilliant photos!

We’d love to share ALL of her photos but alas, here’s just one … check her out on Instagram or her blog to see the rest though!

Goliath - Kate

Sarah – @sairbear_qld

We love ducks, and so does Sarah! Her Instagram page is filled with amazing wildlife photos, including some at our sister parks!

cairns zoom ducks

Troy Burton – @waxedwookiee

Troy is another brilliant wildlife photographer who passed through – we had to include this incredible photo in our blog! It’s so easy to look at the big picture, sometimes it’s important to look at the detail …

crocodile close up

Mick – @wildlifemick

Mick is actually the General Manager here at Cairns ZOOM & Wildlife Dome. He spends a lot of his day hanging out with our wildlife, so as you can imagine, he gets some pretty great photos!

Here he is hanging out with Nellie the koala!

nellie the koala

Adam O’Malley – @adamjomalley

Adam snapped this a little while ago now, but we think Goliath still looks as imposing today as he did back then!